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Written in the stars [1/1]

Title: Written in the stars.
Rating: NC-17
Summary: A bunch of drabbles that I had sitting around that I threw together in a somewhat cronological order.
Disclaimer: Not true.
Author Notes: Mostly panic centric. Some panic/fob pairings as well. Sorry for any botched html, I did it really fast.

Sometimes it seems like Ryan has known Spencer since the beginning of time. Maybe even before then, but he doesn't remember anything from his past lives.

Ryan and Spencer have the sort of relationship where they don't need words to understand one another. That's why when Spencer, at 16 years old, walks into Ryan's bedroom looking more determined than ever before, Ryan's really not surprised when Spencer kisses him.

And Spencer's not surprised, either, when Ryan whispers "Finally!" against his lips a few seconds later.

Brendon knew he was straight. It was as simple as that.

Brendon also knew Ryan and Spencer were gay from day one.

["Ryan, Spencer, this is Brendon." Brent had said.

"Oh, he's cute!" Brendon heard Ryan say under his breath, earning him a smack on the back of the head from Spencer.

"Ryan, don't freak the kid out, we haven't even heard him sing yet." Spencer whispered to his pouting best friend while sending him a look of agreement.

Brent just rolled his eyes and picked up his bass.]

Brendon thinks he needs to look up the definition of "straight" again. Maybe he missed something.

Spencer has always found it comforting being the drummer. You don’t have to stand up in front of the crowd during shows, and if a conversation starts stalling he can always talk about drumming.

But not this time.

This time it’s different. While Ryan’s running around like a 12 year old girl screaming that Pete Wentz will be there in 5 minutes, Spencer’s nervous for a different reason.

He has to play in front of Andy motherfucking Hurley.

Later, after they play, Spencer sits against a wall to the side of his kit as Andy taps a beat on the bass with his right foot while twirling a stick between his fingers. And, as surreal as this seems, Spencer knows he's screwed because his heart is beating in time with Andy's foot.

There is a very thin line, Ryan thinks, between the boy he was a few years ago and the man he is now.

It seems like only yesterday he was a screaming teenie at a Fall Out Boy show, and now. Now he's got Pete Wentz's phone number on speed dial. (Even though he sometimes still does a double take when he see's that name flash across his phone. But only sometimes. He has dignity, you know.)

And if that's not quite crazy enough, at the VMA's Pete actually said he was jealous of the music he creates. JEALOUS! Of him. Some kid from Vegas who started an 'ok' band with some of his friends, and liked to post inappropriate jailbait pictures of himself on livejournal.

Ryan was jealous of Patrick because of the strange connection, or mystic power, he had over Pete.

Patrick was jealous of Ryan because Ryan was the only person besides Patrick who Pete stayed with after sex.

Patrick wondered what it was Ryan had, and could he maybe see for himself?

At first, Ryan was intimidated as hell by Andy. Because, see, Andy gets quiet. And it's not the normal person quiet; it's like something completely different. Where he just sits and stares – trying to size you up.

Ryan realizes now that he must have passed the test, because Andy stopped fucking glaring at him every time he would catch Ryan sneaking out of Pete's bunk at 5 a.m.

["What's. With. Andy?" Ryan asks Pete in between harsh kisses after being pinned down in Pete's bunk.

"What do you mean?" Pete asks back, trailing wet kisses down Ryan's jaw and neck.

"All the creepy staring." Ryan moans out.

"Oh. Andy's just protective, doesn't want to see me get hurt. Or jealous." Pete says looking up at Ryan and winking.

"Or both?" Ryan asks, and Pete doesn't hear the hopefulness of the question so much as he see's it glint in Ryan's eyes.

"Back off Ross, he's mine!" He hears Spencer scowl from the bunk kitty corner from his.]

Brendon liked Andy's hair. Actually, he liked pulling it.

Spencer is a drummer. Plain and simple. He doesn't sing, and he doesn't play guitar. He stays behind his set and sticks to what he's good at.

Patrick respects that, because Once Upon A Time Patrick was just a drummer too. No. Patrick still is a drummer, always will be at heart. It's almost like a cult, once you're a drummer you can never not be a drummer.

And it's not like Patrick got up one day and said, "I'm sick of drumming, I think from now on I'll...sing and play guitar." No, that was Pete's idea. Pete saw the kid with the golden voice who he let drum for Arma's last show, but should really sing his words.

And sometimes watching Spencer from the side of the stage Patrick feels 15 again.

Signing Jon with Panic was something Pete never thought he would be doing. He loved Jon, don't get him wrong, but Jon was a tech for his other friends band.

When Ryan called him telling him they were making Jon an official member of Panic! Pete wasn't shocked so much as he was happy.

Ryan got a text message later that day from Beckett saying, "Why do you get all the good guys?"

After weeks of wondering, Brendon is now sure about Jon.

It happened on the fourth of July. They had stopped the bus on the side of a dusty two lane country road somewhere in Oklahoma. They piled out to watch the fireworks display of some small town whose name would be forgotten tomorrow when It happened.

Brendon was laying on the ground next to Jon, and he could feel eyes burning into the small amount of exposed skin where his t-shirt had ridden up.

He glanced around expecting to catch Ryan in the act, but was shocked to see Jon licking his lips.

When Brendon giggled softly Jon tore his eyes away and blushed profusely. He also not-so-discretely tried to cover the bulge growing in his pajama pants.

Brendon just leaned back further and stretched his arms up higher behind his head.

At first Ryan is skeptical about what Brendon told him about Jon the night of the fireworks. That is until William lets it slip that Jon gives head like he needs it to live.

The next night Ryan seduces Jon. And as Ryan is moaning out obscenities he wasn't aware he even knew, he has a fleeting thought of listening to Beckett more often.

The first time Joe fucked Jon they were both drunk. The same goes for the second, third, fourth, and fifth times as well.

It was the sixth time that changed everything.

[Jon pulled Joe down on top of him in his cramped bunk. The head of Joe's cock was teasing Jon's hole and Jon bucked up pushing Joe in slightly.

Joe's thrusting was sloppy with alcohol and Jon blamed the beer for his lack of stamina.

The next morning when Joe wandered back to his bus Andy asked him if he and Jon were a couple now.

"What? No." Joe said, "He was probably too drunk to even know it was me." Joe finished dejectedly.

"Joe, Jon was drinking root beer last night." Andy told a gaping Joe.


"You were loud last night." Ryan winked at Jon sitting down on next to him on the couch.

"Sorry. Joe was a little drunk." Jon replied.

"What are you talking about? Joe was drinking water all night." Ryan said confused.

"I thought that was vodka..." Jon said shocked.]

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